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Fakta Menarik Tentang Sayur

Morning..Have a nice weekend!! Malas aku nak translate. korang faham kan? Korang semua nie pandai2..

  • Did you know that the fear of vegetables is called Lachanophobia whilst a fear of fruit is known as Carpophobia? Perhaps there is good reason to fear fruit because the humble coconut kills more than 150 people a year. Even though falling coconuts kill more people a year than sharks, I can't see Steven Spielberg racing out to make a block buster thriller about these tree terrors of the tropics. Another reason to be suspicious of fruit is with the knowledge that apple pips actually contain traces of cyanide. Peanuts are another deceptively dangerous food as they are an ingredient of dynamite.
  • Fruit and vegetables can be suspicious characters. They are not always as they appear. Broccoli and Cauliflower are actually flowers. Almonds are a member of the peach family, strawberries are really roses whilst Lettuce belongs to the sunflower family. The Lettuce is particularly sneaky as it actually started out as a weed in the Mediterranean and now creeps its way into salads all around the globe.
  • Cucumbers are the charlatans of the vegetable world because they consist of about 95% water and have very little nutritional value. Someone should have informed Roman Emperor Tiberius of this fact, for in ancient times this famous ruler grew cucumbers in carts and had his slaves pull them around the city to catch the moving sunlight. Cucumbers burn more calories whilst digesting than they actually contain making them one of the few vegetables that can be negatively geared for dieting.
  • If you are looking for a vegetable that punches above its weight look no further than the carrot. The Institute of Food Research carried out an experiment showing that the body only absorbs about 5% of the beta carotene from a raw carrot which is well below the nutritional value of a boiled carrot at 60% absorption. If a person boils and blends a carrot they will receive a whopping 90%.
  • Those who aren't so health conscious and prefer their foods to have some kick can still take the carrot into consideration as a carrot can produce more distilled spirit than potatoes. Someone needs to tell the Russians to start using a vegetable that is a bit red in colour to make their vodka.
  • Potatoes haven't always been considered the empty carb vegetable on the dinner plate. In 1897 during the Alaskan Klondike gold rush, potato nuggets took on a new meaning as a potato was literally worth its weight in gold. Miners valued the vegetable so much due to it containing Vitamin C that they would trade gold for potatoes. Times have changed however and the new treasure is the golden fried potato chip which costs two hundred times more than a pound of potatoes. Somehow, the reflection in price of the chip no longer reflects the value of the Vitamin C content.

Sumber : http://jiwang.org/groups-ilmiah/22677-fakta-tentang-sayuran-yang-kadang2-kita-taktau.html



Fizalinolie said... Best Blogger Tips

Hehehe, sejak bila cakap omputeh ni. Ahakss... Fiza saja jer nak gurau ngan Muni. Hurmmm kebanyakkkan sayuran ini Fiza suka. kalau tak suka, alamat sembelitlah akibatnya. Hukhuk.

chii said... Best Blogger Tips

gle kan..kadar kematian di sebabkan buah kelapa lebih tinggi dr kena mkn ngn ikan jerung..tu bahayanya dok bawah pokok kelapa..ehehe

topimagine said... Best Blogger Tips

sekali dalam bahasa inggeris la.. pape pon top xsuka makan sayur kecuali ulam2 jerk :)

Atiey said... Best Blogger Tips

i like sayur very much...klu tak mkn cam tak ckpjer menu tu.......

halila Ibrahim said... Best Blogger Tips

ooo.. patut la... orang perempuan tak elok makan timun ...

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Aik.. Penyakit fobia terhadap sayur-sayuran pun ada. Hahaha. Tak sangka pula Tira..

P/s: Huuu Bahasa English.. Kerja keras nak pahamkan. Haha :p

Rina AVAIL a.k.a Cik Betty said... Best Blogger Tips

wah wah..fakta in english plak ye..terbaekkk

faisal said... Best Blogger Tips

tak reti la nak baca..huhu

sayur mmg bagus tuk kesihatan..apabila kita makan pastikan ada sayur.


sekamar rindu said... Best Blogger Tips


memang saya penggemar sayur-sayuran....kalau tak de rasa lain laa nak makan..:)

Puan Kutu said... Best Blogger Tips

itulah..rasanya semua faham kot.mls nk translate,tp fakta nie bagus,byk belajar dr sni..;)

Puan Kutu said... Best Blogger Tips

huhu bahaya chii,ye la ikan jerung bila pegi laut jer,pokok kelapa byk kan

Puan Kutu said... Best Blogger Tips

ulam tu kategori syur ker tak ekk..

Puan Kutu said... Best Blogger Tips

baguslah mummy..:)

Puan Kutu said... Best Blogger Tips

@halila Ibrahim

Puan Kutu said... Best Blogger Tips

tulis pandai takkan nk baca pun tak reti.huhu..kamus online ada klu tak faham

Puan Kutu said... Best Blogger Tips

@sekamar rindu
bagus klu mkn sayur,sy mkn jugak,tp ada sayur yg tak berapa suka..

mommylavender said... Best Blogger Tips

salam malam muni~ sayur mmg mommy minat ulam pun same...pabret~heee

puanbee said... Best Blogger Tips

bee smua sayur bantai , haa pergi pasar tengok sayur cam kepci suka betuii